Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Unbox Me. Please read the terms and conditions dominating your access to and use of our website. Airspeed International Corporation, its service providers and affiliates shall provide its UnboxMe.com.ph services to you under the following terms and conditions. By accessing, browsing, placing orders and using our website or any of our applications through whatever platform and/or by placing your order, you acknowledge and agree to have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions written below.

Account and Registration

– UnboxMe members can only own one registered account and has the right to suspend any user with multiple accounts.
– UnboxMe has the right to ask for verification through the phone or email to verify the account holder.
– UnboxMe requires for a copy of any of your Government ID, when needed, to avoid shipment(s) held/delays in customs. Note that Government ID should be valid.
– The name you register with on your Unbox
– UnboxMe account should match your name on your Government ID, to avoid any issues at customs clearance.

Use of the Website

– UnboxMe member agree to comply with our security verification process.

Publicity/ Communication

– UnboxMe will send notifications through email, texts and viber based on the details you provided to us.
– Feel free to contact us through (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Email).
– Request placed past working hours (9:00am-5:00pm) that need immediate action or response from our side will be assisted the following day.

Ordering Process

– UnboxMe member is required to read the product(s) listing carefully to make sure products that arrive match the seller’s description. (E.g. making sure your electronic product’s voltage matches your country’s voltage system).
– UnboxMe member is responsible of filling in their order’s specifications accurately as written on the seller’s listing such as the product’s color, size or model to avoid any delays in the review process or any wrongly received products.
– General Size charts may give approximate values and measurement, therefore product(s) sizing may not match the measurements mentioned on the chart.
– The maximum number of items an UnboxMe member can place in your cart per order is 30.

Review and Purchasing

– UnboxMe member have one business day to review the order and it will be purchased within two business days from the payment date.
– Once payment has already been made, cancellations or edit of the purchased items won’t be available anymore. Order can only be cancelled if UnboxMe haven’t purchased it yet.
– Cancelling/ holding the whole order option won’t be applicable to bid items/ make offer items.
– The prices are subject to change during the review process. If it gets changed after UnboxMe member makes the payment UnboxMe will notify by email.
– Quantity limitations may change according to authorities or customs regulations.
– Categories and tariffs are set according to customs regulations & authorities.
– Please be informed that your order will be canceled automatically after 15- 22 days in case you didn’t pay it.

Item Refund, Return and Exchange

– Unboxme is not responsible for any error occurred in client/customer ordering process. Client/s will have to contact with the online stores for any returns, refund or exchange of items. Also, if there would be additional charges/fees, customer is the one who will shoulder it.
– Unboxme doesn’t allow return of any item without valid reason.
– Unboxme guarantees to deliver the items in the same condition stated by the seller.
– Unboxme is responsible for delivering the product with the exact specifications given by UnboxMe member on the date that the order was placed.
– Product package might arrive with damage due to the shipping process; in this case, refund won’t be valid as long as the product itself is not affected.


– UnboxMe is not liable if there are circumstances that shipping might delay due to natural calamities that might affect the delivery.
– UnboxMe is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of circumstances beyond our control.
– The details provided by UnboxMe member should be accurate, legal and complete.